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Anne Rollo  

About Anne

ALPG Golf Professional, Anne Rollo is one of Australia’s most accomplished Golf Professionals with an impressive resume. Anne has 18 years of coaching experience and 10 years on the professional curcuit and winner of 22 professional golf tournaments worldwide.

She is a European Tour Tournament winner, (1990 European Players Championship) one of only a handful of Australian Women Golf Professionals to achieve a win overseas, winning tournaments in Belgium, Switzerland, England and Australia, she held the record for the lowest ever round on the European tour for her 63 (9 under par)  in the Italian open in 1993 and had the most top ten finishes in a single season. Anne also held the lowest ever 9 hole score record during a round at Forqueux France shooting 29 during the third round.

Anne started her golf career at the age of 14 at Muirfield Golf Club in Sydneys Northwest where she reduced her handicap to +1 by the age of 18. She played in the Muirfield Golf Club Championships only once winning by 42 shots. At age 19 Anne turned professional and traveled to Europe finding immediate success finishing 30th on the Order of Merit in her first year. Below are some of her results.

Anne turned professional in 1987 after an amateur career where she represented NSW as a junior and senior and Australia as a junior.

She went to college at San Jose State University in California on a golf scholarship and led her team to victory in the 1987 NCAA Championships (America’s national collegiate championships) also finishing runner-up individually and finished her collegiate career named ‘All American’ and one of the best US collegiate players ever. A unique honour for a foreign player.

Golf Tips


Visualise Before the Round

The following procedure is how many of the pros on tour prepare each evening before they play. 

Why not try it for yourself ? The night before your round sit down on your own somewhere quiet.  

Close your eyes and in your minds eye start to imagine yourself getting ready for your round of golf, you can go as far back as 

getting out of bed in the morning if you want or getting out of the car and putting your shoes on will do. 

Imagine you are relaxed, happy, confident and taking your time. You are feeling good and looking forward to your round.  

Imagine everything you do leading up to your round, going exactly as you would like, you are totally in control and stress free.

Imagine teeing off from the first tee and feeling totally relaxed and happy.  

Visualise a beautiful shot flying down the fairway, imagine accepting the compliments from your playing partners and 

walking confidently and comfortably down the fairway, go through your entire round playing the type of golf you would like to play, 

playing the best round you have ever played, imagining every shot going exactly how you would like it to, 

work your way through the round shot by shot. It will take a little while but see how you go, its almost like pre-programming your 

mind to create the type of round you would like, it actually works, try it.... 

Let me know how you go, 


Chipping & Pitching Essentials


Shot game


How to get backspin



Backspin is not difficult to create, the clubs are designed for backspin and to help you stop the ball, especially the more lofted clubs.
A lot of amateurs think it is a mysterious talent reserved just for the pros but if you play the shot as it’s meant to be played you will get backspin whether you want it or not.

Backswing: My clubhead is high

Follow through: My clubhead is low

So how is it meant to be played?

The club should travel from high on the backswing through to low just after the shot (creating the divot) and then through to a final high position.

Obviously the follow through will continue past this low position and end up high for all your longer shots, up around your head in fact, but around the impact position it is really important that the club is travelling DOWN into the ground. So make sure you hit positively DOWN and through the shot before collapsing your arms at the finish position.

Try it and see the ball stop on the green, especially with your sand and pitching wedges.

The stronger player you are the more spin you will get especially as you go up to the longer clubs.

Guys get more backspin than us girls as they create more speed through the ball and the speed of the club travelling through the ball forces the ball to run up the clubface and voila…backspin.

Bonus tip.

Practise this with your pitching wedge, because it is a shorter swing it is much easier to get the hang of and then you can transfer the tecnique to your full swing.

Really hit down positively into the grass and brush the grass on all your practise swings.

Then try and do the same when the ball is there, remember ….BALL THEN TURF.

Good Luck and Good Golfing,